Cuarto presents ‘Segundas Partes’

By 12/06/2015 Blog

Wanna hear some movie cuts chopped with an fx-dressing on a guitar salad made with spanish ingredients but London-taste? Well here’s the second supermenu by CUARTO released by the dutch label esc.rec and it’s called “Segundas Partes”.

Cuarto is a solo project that fuses acoustic instrumentation with computer processing and sampling. Cuarto (Max Feriche) is from Barcelona, but recently moved to London, where he composed, recorded, mixed and mastered ‘Segundas Partes’.

The composition, recording, editing and mixing of each song has been almost simultaneous, making it difficult to tell where one thing begins and the other one ends. The album has a warm, intricate and rich collage sound, occasionally slightly reminiscent of The Books in their early years.

‘Segundas Partes’ means ‘second parts’ or ‘sequels’. Cuarto’s first work was released on Bestiar, a netlabel from Barcelona. Bestiar also co-releases Segundas Partes.

Wesphere LP Remixes (Vol. 1 & 2)

By 11/06/2015 Blog
Wesphere Remixes

The intention of this band goes far beyond from what YOU, as a listener, will try to define with combinations of genre tags; it is a very strong proposal with a highly motivating message: Wesphere is a group of musicians who gathered many inspirational bubbles in order to set a giant one. Thus, the idea of inclusion continues with a traditional -yet unpredictable- series of remixes from their first LP. Splitted in two volumes and supported again by the label ENSMBLE, this works were made by fantastic producers whose speciality are your mind blowings. The first volume was served on April 2015 and included visions from Lost Twin, Astroboyz, Cauto, Puto Chen and Positif.

One month later, the second part popped out with remixes by Abrigo de Pelos, Aire, Not Me, Reykjavik606, and Skygaze. All works include the same musical wealth we got used to, since the LP reached us. All remixes have many touches given from different perspectives: pure biodiversity within pure electronic music. There are no lexical items to describe this pieces, but you will see a high variety of rhythms, abstractions both in percussion and harmony, or chromatisms that merge voice and effects into Space and Time; those things that we ought to transcend as a sphere.

Compass Jams II

By 10/05/2015 Blog, Events

Again, some months ago, we joined forces with Niu, Espai Artístic ( and did an incredible Jam Session at, where Instruments such as drum machines, synths, string instruments or voices improvised and converged with astonishing vectorial mappings and a Quartz composer installation courtesy by some students of the well known Mad Center.

Some of the artists were Dorado, Hi.Moez, Mans o, Sun Color, Cello Hero and Mario Nieto.

To all participants and assistants, Thank you! Special thanks to Joan Vives and all members from, Niu, and the Compass crew.

Compass x Gigolove

By 16/02/2015 Events

El próximo sábado 21 de Febrero estaremos caldeando la segunda edición de Gigolove en colaboración con Get The Boost Rec. Gigolove es una joven plataforma creada por Naïr y Judit, dos chicas simpáticas con el potencial de ofrecer atractivos eventos mezclando arte, música, moda, gastronomía, o cualquier otro ingrediente capaz de generar una divertida y agradable tarde en Barcelona.

Después de una exitosa primera edición el mes pasado (video aquí), esta vez seremos nosotros los encargados de inundar a base de ritmo la galería corretger5. ¿El lineup? Classic Compass Crew integrado por NTRNSTR, Not Me, Gullen y The Bæume, acompañados por Pe Be, quien estará también presentando en el PopUp Market junto a varios artistas más.

Entrada gratuíta, Bebida gratuíta, exposición, música, simpatía… ¿se puede pedir algo más?

Evento Facebook

Os esperamos a todos a las 17h en la c/ Corretger 5


COMPASS x REX ROOM (Razzmatazz)

By 02/12/2014 Blog, Events

The compass crew strikes back in a club, the Rex Room at Razzmatazz. This massive place’s took over the ancient “Sala Zeleste”, founded by people who used to import sounds from different perspectives and concepts.

At the end of the sixties, in a city whose musical explosion turned around Jazz and its festivals, the Jamboree Club had to close for a while. However, Barcelona’s young people still could enjoy Jazz music in an other jazz club,  “la Cova del Drac”. Meanwhile, in 1973, Zeleste opened in the Born neighborhood, the spirit was to import music as the founders used to do before in the surroundings of the Catalan city.

Zeleste used to bet for progressive rock and fusion genres, an Inspirational place for newcomer bands. Razzmatazz went live in the year 2000 as Zeleste moved to new and bigger facilities, with five different spaces and huge concerts and sets. It hasn’t forgotten those ancient values under the eyes of the 21st Century.

After hosting bands and artists before becoming international stars, Razzmatazz is celebrating its 14th anniversary, and we are  happy being part of it, oh yes, indeed. Come this Friday and enjoy the celebration with Gullen, Not Me and Ntrnstr!


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Italdred presents Mindfulness

By 24/10/2014 Blog
a sol

I had the chance of discovering A Sol Mechanic (David Blazer) with last year’s storming “Emotion Terrace” LP on Stereocure. Since then, I’ve been keeping track of every single release David has pullet out. Last night I had the same feeling again, that sensation where you listen to a new record and everything is in it’s right place. The new “Mindfulness” EP is just perfection. This time alongside Handbook (Jake Brown), the two beatmakers create an immense atmosphere of 5 tracks. London label Italdred is in charge of the release. Listen and enjoy.


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We are proud to announce a second edition of Compass Jam Sessions in collaboration with Niu. All instruments are welcome: drum machines, FX, guitars, voice, samples, synths and a huge projection in a very special  venue. Ears and eyes served, some food and drinks are complementing our bellies.


Barcelona’s district of El Poblenou has been flourishing last decades as a post industrial zone, becoming a perfect place not only for living next to the sea, but for co-working areas, clubs (Razzmatazz as the most representative) or the innovative 22@ district dedicated to knowledge economy growth. Around the neighborhood there are co-working spaces, studios, companies and multifunctional areas such as, which is hosting again the Jam Session in facilities with great acoustics.


Friday, November 14th  8PM-00AM


Located in the ancient factory of  Can Ricart

Passatge Marquès de Santa Isabel

Metro <L4> Poblenou <L2> Bac de Roda

TRAM <T4> Pere IV

Tales from Ile-Ife

By 08/10/2014 Blog

The Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove

Olorun commissioned Orisanla the creation of Earth giving him some water, sand, a chain and a chicken. On the way towards heaven’s doors, Orisanla met some other gods gathered in a party. There where fatal consequences for Orisanla after an excessive palm wine ingestion as he felt deep asleep… Read More

Ravel Landscapes

By 25/09/2014 Blog

From time to time technology collides with arts in a way we only can press play and keep our mouth shut. That’s the case with the following masterpiece by Quayola, Ravel Landscapes. A cleverly enginereed show, where no mapping structures or costly set ups were required. Instead, there were tons of hours behind it because -it’s worth to mention- the software used to produce the images is custom made! Based on nowaday’s shaders and God knows what else, this tricky ensemble talking magic does the job. Not willing to bore you more, let me tell you: press play, keep in silence and admire it’s beauty.

Artists: Quayola & Sinigaglia in collaboration with pianist Vanessa Wagner.

Cloudpass #2

By 15/09/2014 Blog

“Office in a Small City” Edward Hopper 1953


Donato Dozzy – Plays Bee Mask

Editions Mego’s sublabel Spectrum Pools putted out this record last year, and it was one of the greatest and most seductive releases of their 2013. Donatto Dozzy, 50% of “Voices from the Lake” project and also a reputed techno warrior, he reworked some stuff from American artist Chris Madak (aka Bee Mask) after a meeting in Japan. In this record Dozzy left apart his very own idiosyncratic techno skills for articulate a serenely and hypnotic ambient cave in which the listener can easily be abducted at its full effect. The seven tracks of this release are like mind-blowing weapons than rarely can fail when the minutes are passing by. It is quite easy to get lost surfing around the sound of this excellent ambient piece because it generates a subconscious scenario where clocks literally disappear. Read More